Lisa C Beauty is based at the salon. With over 19 years experience, she  specialises in sugaring hair removal. If you haven't heard of sugaring, it's a method of hair removal that typically keeps skin smooth for up to a month and has become popular as a more-natural, often less-painful alternative to waxing.

Sugaring is an ancient tradition of hair removal that is believed to have originated in Egypt. The treatment starts with a paste made from three ingredients: sugar, lemon, and water.

Similar to waxing, sugaring will generally leave the treated skin free of hair regrowth for up to a month. Many people turn to sugaring if sensitivity is a concern. The temperature is a big selling point because the sugar paste is applied to the skin lukewarm, so you can never be burned with sugar paste like you can with wax. For that reason, sugaring is less irritating on the skin. Some people may experience redness or get bumps or ingrown hairs after waxing, but with sugaring you're unlikely to get that reaction.

You can sugar any part of the body, but the large majority of clients go in for Brazilians. The bikini line area is a place where people are most sensitive and sugaring presents a less painful alternative to waxing, with longer results than shaving.

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Price list

Eyebrows                          £10

Top lip                                £7

Chin area                           £7

Top lip & chin together   £12

Under arms                       £11

Forearms                           £12

Full leg ( includes feet)   £22

Half leg (includes feet)   £18

Bikini ( Brazilian)               £17

Bikini (Hollywood)            £25

Back sugaring from         £15

Chest sugaring from        £15

Other small areas from    £7

For a full list of treatments please contact Lisa directly on

07914 950337.

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